Nina Weidner - Rosettes' Rosette

Artist: Nina Weidner, Michigan
Materials: antler, sterling silver
Size: 6.5
Dimensions: 1.5", 2"

Artist Statement: This ring is a love letter to the beauty of nature. The contrast between the shiny sterling silver succulent rosette clusters against the earthy rough textures of the antler burr rosette is what really makes this piece stand out. Even though both elements are rosettes in shape and each were once growing and somewhat alive, they differ so much in material, texture, and size. My ring brings these opposites together in a stunning display showcasing the fascination that our earth creates.

Artist Bio: I am a self-taught artist and designer, with the constant drive to create something new ever since I was young. My skills include realism illustrations, painting, leather work, wood work, sewing, and jewelry. Most of my art is inspired by nature. I find myself incorporating earthy colors, textures, and tones in my work. Through my creations, I hope to inspire others to find nature to be as captivating as I do.

This ring is part of Battle of the Rings: Ring Smackdown 2022, an online exhibition and competition. Shop the entire collection HERE, view the matches HERE, and learn more HERE.

Rings from this collection will ship or be available for pick up after the competition concludes on April 29.