Sara Akl - Stairways to Freedom

Artist: Sara Akl, France
Materials: sterling and Argentium silver, natural peridot
Size: 7
Dimensions: Height (without band): 0.4 Inch, Height (with band): 1 inch, Band width: 7 mm

Artist Statement: Stairways and wings are recurrent metaphors in my work. They’re about journeys, change, playfulness, and freedom. The past two years have encompassed so many changes, constraints, and exploration of my expression. This stressed the importance of freedom for me, something I’ve always struggled to attain. Stairways and wings are my way to express the welcoming of change and understanding that empowering oneself to deal with it is a gradual and constant task. It’s about embracing our true selves, remembering our playfulness, and our freedom of expression.

Artist Bio: I'm Sara E. Akl (SEA), and I create jewelry in my home studio in France. I love to create jewelry as works of art and mementos. It’s more than just body adornments, but a way to connect with others, express, and share something meaningful about our identity and inspirations. I’m very passionate about creating designs that are personal, poetic, and thought-provoking. I create from the heart and entirely with my own hands, using only a few tools to fabricate elaborate designs in an attempt to highlight the uniqueness of handmade, painstakingly made art.

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