We Are All Connected

Artist: Arielle Brackett

Materials: brass, silver silver and indigo dyed snake vertebrate

Dimensions: 21"x 6" x 3/4"

Beneficiary: Sierra Club is a grassroots environmental conservation organization dedicated to fighting climate change and global warming. It fights to protect remaining natural habitats and also encourages people to reconnected and get out into nature.

Artist Statement: The artwork is inspired by the ecosystem of the Tillamook Forest in Oregon. My intention is to inform the public about the health of this environment. In the Tillamook region alone, 215 species face extinction due to logging, urban development, agriculture, industrial pollutants and over fishing.
We Are All Connected, is a statement necklace I made out of brass, sterling silver and indigo dyed snake vertebrae. I pierced ferns to express the flourishing life that is abundant in the Pacific Northwest and the snake vertebrae represent the inevitable cycle of life.
I created this piece as a reminder that everything in the natural world is interwoven. People are too removed from nature and it’s having a detrimental impact on our environments. We forget that we are part of one larger organism. It is my hope that this necklace will influence people to become active and vocal about saving the remaining habitats.