Nancy Hom - Till I Am One with the Trees and Mountains-Mask and Earrings with Mountain set

Yukata Jewelry Show

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Artist: Nancy Hom - Sunlan Designs
Materials: yukata cotton, indigo linen, sterling silver, laminated paper
Dimensions:  14" x 9" x 6 1/2" 

Artist Statement: According to Patricia Belyea, of Okan Arts, the supplier of our yukata cottons, my cutting is very special. It is about 50-60 years old. The motif is of pine trees and the jagged line is the symbol of mountains. In Japan, pine trees are revered as symbols of good fortune and longevity. They are also believed to ward off evil spirits. Since I am immune compromised, I made the decision to give up my Thursday night monitor position at Danaca Design. I have not created jewelry since March, but I have made face coverings for my family & friends. I thought about the pine tree motif & the good fortune I have. I decided to make a mask. I normally add earrings to my mask so this was no exception. I used my hand tools and sewing machine only. There is a hand embroidery detail reminiscent of the Japanese Sashiko mending technique. Also the pleating in the lining of the mask reminds me of Japanese origami. 100% of the artist proceeds will go to the UW Medicine Emergency Response Fund to COVID-19. 

Artist Bio: Created by Seattle jewelry artist Nancy Hom. She is the owner of Sunlan Designs and the name is inspired by her mom, Sun Lan Hom. Nancy's mother taught her how to sew and knit at a young age. Late at night, she watched her mom make costume jewelry during off hours to extend the family budget. As an adult, Nancy became a fashion designer and mixed her passion for textiles, nature and metal working into her collection. She currently is still working in the outdoor clothing industry and like her mom, moonlights making jewelry.