Virginia Causey - Captured Flower Images

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Artist: Virginia Causey
Materials: copper, paper, mica, plastic 
Dimensions: 20” x 3” x 1/8” 

Artist Statement: Working with fabric is second nature to me; however, I did not want to cut up pieces and waist the remaining fabric. I decided to use a photo-copier to enlarge and decrease the size of the flower images then use these color paper images to create the neckpiece. In order to preserve the paper and be a viable wearable art piece, I was reminded of pressed flowers and covered the images with mica and plastic. These pieces are held in place with cold connection techniques. My interest in photography and botanical art was a point of reference in creating and deferring to paper the major material of choice. 

Artist Bio: I am a native Northwestner and have been chased physically and visually by the NW landscapes, mountains and waterways. (Nature has always been foremost in my life) Being a metal/jewelry art teacher for decades and involved in all aspects of art, these have influenced my evolving design concepts and work. I create a sense of layering and diversification both visually and symbolically in my pieces. At times, I endeavor to capture fragments of ideas from microscopic images and textural photographs. In all, I enjoy the challenge of pushing my limits of technical expertise, materials and edgie ideas.