Ana Cecilia Mattera | Earth and Water

Artist: Ana Cecilia Mattera, Argentina
Materials: wood, alpaca, patina
Size: 8

Artist Statement: Fires in my country destroy enormous amounts of hectares every year, whether arson, accidental or as a result of brutal climate changes. I express these tremendous moments in my work, then opening the way to a resilient life. I am looking for a language that represents the painful skin of fire, its imprint and its eternal rebirth, because there is always a void waiting to be occupied, an awakening, a freedom. With the same determination with which nature wisely revives and recovers, I incorporate that feeling, demonstrating that life demands a place, one that inexhaustibly forgets the dull sufferings and gives itself over to a clandestine pleasure.  In the creative process I try to highlight the present, the past and future of the matter, its imprint and its will, with a peaceful transformation, warm as a decompressed sorrow. I chose to work with burned wood, using resin patina colors that allow me to show its deepest imprint, creating an infinite path of life, in an eternal rebirth.

Artist Bio: Ana Cecilia Mattera,1962, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Visual artist. Her Art accompanied her life from the small neighborhood workshops to the consolidation of her as an artist in the field of painting. An explorer of other territories, she then approached sculpture, then reducing its format by applying it to designer jewelry, recently venturing into contemporary jewelry. With a spirit of permanent search, fusing colors applied to shapes that awaken the senses, she weaves a personal and mysterious imprint, mimicking elements of nature that accompany her work. She also combines real natural elements that vibrate in consonance and harmony to her work.

Cecilia Mattera, with silent eloquence that impresses us deeply, with the serene passion of an inevitable freedom, with love, makes the world inhabited by art transparent to us and brings us the hidden treasure of ultimate possibilities.

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