Cadia Romano | Depre(se)ssion

Artist: Cadia Romano, Italy
Materials:  biomaterial layers made from human blood, 3D-printed transparent resin, UV resin
Size: 5

Artist Statement: What happens when a person falls ill with MAJOR DEPRESSION? The clinical picture includes not only the mental sphere, but also the physical sphere with pathologies that may involve the liver, kidneys, heart, sleep disorders, etc.

But why do we not realize the seriousness of this mental pathology?
Because it is a 'hidden' pathology, which does not leave visible scars, does not bleed, does not create wounds.

 But is it really so? Scars and wounds on the psyche and organs exist and lead to a slow and gradual physical decay, which can lead to death.

This is my work for the Master's thesis in ""Product and Service Design"" that I completed at Sapienza Università di Roma. To show by means of degradable biomaterials, developed from my own blood, an object, specifically jewelry, which once worn begins to mutate and decompose.
MAJOR DEPRESSION, or mood disorder, completely changes the individual, mentally and physically.

Artist Bio: I have always been passionate about jewelry. My work ranges between archaeological and contemporary styles, 3D and oriental design techniques. I am always looking for unconventional materials and experimental approaches. For seven years, I was a goldsmith creating unique pieces of fine jewelry at the BVLGARI headquarters in Rome. But my passion for design never stopped and led me to explore new avenues, thus graduating in 'Product and Service design' at the Sapienza University of Rome. This step allowed me to develop biomaterials, with different textures and consistencies, which I favor in the creation of my jewelry.

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