Jessica Larsen | Fountains of Lava

Artist: Jessica Larsen, Alaska
Materials:  reticulated silver (80/20); Sterling silver; handmade felt from malabrigo rasta yarn
Size: 8

Artist Statement: The Fountains of Lava ring combines the organic beauty of reticulated silver with the vibrant touch of handmade felt. This unusual ring is a celebration of nature's dynamic beauty, encapsulating the essence of a lava fountain in a wearable work of art. The reticulated silver carapace serves as the perfect canvas for this miniature lava fountain sculpture, gracefully capturing the fluidity of pahoehoe. What sets this ring apart is the addition of handmade felt, arranged to represent the lava fountain spray. This adds a tactile dimension to the ring, inviting the wearer to experience the textural contrast between the smooth silver and the soft, vibrantly colored felt. The marriage of sterling silver and handmade felt in the Fountains of Lava ring conveys feelings of strength combined with softness. Whether worn as a symbol of passion, or as an ode to the beauty of natural phenomena, this ring is an evocative accessory that brings the power of lava to your fingertips.

Artist Bio: Meet Jessica Larsen, a metalsmith and geologist hailing from the rugged landscapes of Alaska. With a passion for geologic wonders and the art of metallurgy, Jessica merges the realms of science and craftsmanship to ignite our curiosity and explore how rocks shape our lives. Each piece incorporates organic textured silver, natural stones, and/or textiles, inviting wearers to connect with the artistry on visual and sensory levels. The resulting pieces are not just accessories; they are wearable stories that convey the awe-inspiring forces of nature. Whether trekking through the Alaska wilderness to gather inspiration or crafting in her studio, Jessica invites you to explore the intersection of science and art. Each piece is a testament to the beauty found in the Earth's fiery depths and a celebration of the harmonious balance between creativity and geological wonders.

This ring was part of Battle of the Rings: Ring Smackdown 2024, an online exhibition and competition. View the entire collection HERE, view the matches HERE, and learn more HERE.