Selling Your Used Tools Through Danaca Design Studio

Upgrading your rolling mill? Have unused equipment taking up space?

You can sell your tools in our new USED TOOLS section!

Tools may be sold individually or as a "lot". Good candidates for lots are smaller and less expensive items like flexshaft accessories, enameling supplies, plier sets, etc. 

If you anticipate selling more than $1200 in tools, you will need to fill out a W-9 form.


Seller Responsibilities:
  • Provide tool information via downloadable Excel document.
  • Provide images
    • 1-5 images for each item 
    • Use a simple non-distracting background
    • No other items in the photo, except for lots or collections
    • Detail photos should show
      • Any damage or wear to the item
      • Any brand or model number markings 
    • Contact us at if you need help with images
  • Determine price
  • Coordinate with buyer for pick up, delivery, or shipping in a timely manner
    • If you choose to ship the item, you are responsible for shipping costs
Danaca Design Responsibilities:
  • Create a product page for each tool to be viewable on our website
  • Promote the tools
    • We will promote the Used Tools section of our website to our audience, including students and social media
  • Process sales
    • All sales take place through our website, customers may pay online with Debit/Credit/PayPal
    • Pay taxes on all sales
  • Notify you of sales
    • When a tool sells, we will contact you with the buyer's information


Danaca Design will keep 20% of the sale, proceeds will endow the T. H. Artist Gap Scholarship Fund. 

There is also a $2 fee for each listing. "Lots" or collections of items are a single listing. 

    Click HERE to download the Used Tool Submission Excel document. After completing this form, email it to

    Click HERE to view the Used Tools collection.