Zac Kothrade | Galaxy Knot with Tahitian Pearl

Battle of the Rings 2024

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Artist: Zac Kothrade, Arizona
Materials: argentium silver 935, yellow gold 18k, un-drilled, 9mm untreated Tahitian Pearl, 2mm Si1 diamond.
Size: 7.75

Artist Statement:  This ring is the product of exploring a form I call the galaxy knot.  This form was initially inspired by scraps of metal that curl off another piece of work when trimmed with shears. This ring symbolizes the contrast between order and chaos, two overarching forces I see at play in nearly all aspects of life. 

I love placing a Tahitian pearl in this form.  The structure allows me to set the pearl without drilling or gluing and further serves as protection from wear. The diamond set in an 18K orb serves as a complement to the pearl and creates a second emphasis that appears to orbit the pearl. The placement of the diamond setting also serves as a convenient solution to mask the seam where the band is joined.

Artist Bio: The Galaxy Knot fulfills a challenge I relish during the design process and fabrication of any piece, which is to create art that is simple, yet intriguing.  I find it is more difficult to design a simple form that is distinct and interesting as opposed to one that is overly detailed and complex.  I strive to discover simple shapes and forms that are unique and fascinating. It is a pleasure to create art that is inspired by clever design that pleases and compliments the wearer. 

This ring was part of Battle of the Rings: Ring Smackdown 2024, an online exhibition and competition. View the entire collection HERE, view the matches HERE, and learn more HERE.