Battle of the Rings/Ring Smackdown 2021. VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITES MAY 3- 28!

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Dear friends, 

I recently read a blog post by Betsy Brown: Update from an Epidemic, about the new buzzword languishing.” Betsy wrote, “It can mean the blah, unmotivated feeling we are all having. Not quite depression but definitely not feeling joy. Languishing can also mean being stuck in an unpleasant place or situation.” I am definitely experiencing a little bit of that. How about you? Who would’ve thought, one year later, we would need a pick me up? 

Languish no longer! Join us next month for an exciting event, Battle of the Rings, otherwise known as the Ring Smackdowna head-to-head, tournament style, single-elimination juried competition and virtual event. First conceived and produced in the spring of 2020, this event encourages creativity, comradery among artists and a passion for the art of jewelry, most especially THE RING. This year our esteemed Jurors, Cappy Counard and Kirk Lang, juried 64 rings from a pool of 166 submissions from 24 countries. The rings will compete in daily matches on Instagram, May 3-28. 

The guidelines for this competition are simple. The rings must be of an original design, fit within a certain size restriction, with a maximum purchase price of $1,200.  These exceptional rings are gold, plastic and everything in between. Some are perfect for daily wear; others are best suited for your art collection. MANY of them move, spin, spiral, flip, fly and shoot expressing an over-arching theme of play. Others are just simply magnificently beautiful, masterfully constructed or irresistibly precious. No two are even remotely alike. All 64 rings plus 9 alternates are available for purchase throughout the month of May, a wonderful opportunity for both collectors and participating artists. 

View, read about, and purchase ALL of the rings HERE 

View ALL the matches HERE 

How to Participate: 

The jurors have “drafted” 32 rings each, onto their teams The Shanks and The Mandrels. Daily matches between the teams will be posted to our Instagram story for public vote EVERYDAY, May 3-28 at 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Timeup to four per day! 

All voting happens online, at the Danaca Design Studio Instagram account only @danacadesignstudioRead about the rings first and then VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITESVoting happens through our Instagram Stories for 24 hours. While in the app, tap our flower icon by our account name. This will reveal our current story and the daily matches. Pick your favorite rings in the match by tapping "TOP" or "BOTTOM" OR “LEFT” or “RIGHT” in the poll.  You can view the poll multiple times before voting but you can only vote once–one vote per person per ring. The winner of the Instagram poll advances into the next round. Click on the links in the Instagram post to view more pictures of each ring.  

This is a VERY exciting event. DON’T MISS IT! 

One Ring to Rule Them All; May the Best Ring Win! 


Until then we have ONE MORE Jewelry Trivia Night, THIS WEEK, Thursday, April 29 6:30 – 8:00 PM PST. Test your jewelry knowledge! Find all the details HERE

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Learn more about these events, up-coming classes and our tool and supply shop at where we have been keeping it fun and creative for nearly 18 years! 


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