Take a Class Tuesday - The BIG ring!

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Happy Spring! Spring is for rings around Danaca Design because The Ring Smackdown is just around the corner! Have you submitted your masterpiece yet? The deadline is FRIDAY!!

If not, it might be you are still very much a student. It’s Take a Class Tuesday! So let me tell you about a class that will help you up your game, The Big Ring coming up April 22 and 23 with instructor Juan Reyes! Juan is among the MOST patient and genuinely kind teachers you’ll come across and he LOVES big jewelry! This class will focus on creating hollow constructed rings from sheet metal. A big advantage of this approach is you can create a real statement scale ring with a lot less weight.

Hollow rings have been around since antiquity however, the techniques used to make them can lend themselves to creating a very modern and stylish ring. Not only that, hollow rings can be bigger than solid ones because the construction process allows you to work with much thinner metal making them strong but remarkably lightweight. This means you can save money on metal and still get a bold, tough ring! In this weekend workshop students will learn simple tricks to design, construct and finish a totally unique hollow ring. You will walk away with not only a great ring but also a better understanding of jewelry fabrication in general. If you are looking for skill building projects and like big rings, this is the class for you!

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