Advanced Designs in Woven Metal

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Advanced Designs in Woven Metal
Instructor: Jeanie Pratt
June 24-25, Monday and Tuesday, 9:30 - 5:00

Class Fee: $395| Materials list

Class format: in studio at Danaca Design

Prerequisites: Designs in Woven Metal 3-day class

Class Description

This workshop is a continuation of the 3-day beginning Designs in Metal Workshop

You will have an opportunity to try new weave structures—pick a new pattern or two from your handout OR one of the new bonus patterns to be provided with your registration. 

More advanced soldering techniques will be covered, including soldering a shaped liner onto flat woven sheet and then forming it.   This creates a woven bare edge (great for earrings!) and is a step in making a disc bead. 

Please bring a woven sheet of metal to practice soldering--one from your previous workshop OR one you did at home.  A plain woven or 2-2 twill sheet would work fine.

The supply list is the same as for the beginning Designs in Woven Metal Workshop.  You are welcome to contact me about picking a new design.  If you prefer working in silver, I can guide you about how much wire to bring.  Ample amounts of a variety of gauges of copper wire will be available. There is no materials fee for this class if students bring the kit parts from the previous class.


Students MUST Bring:

  • Needle nose pliers (available in studio store)
  •  Wire cutters (available in studio store)
  •  Shears or cheap scissors for cutting thin metal sheet (available in studio store) (Jeanie likes Joyce Chen Original Unlimited Scissors)
  •  Digital calipers or wire gauge
  • Fine brush for applying antiflux (available in studio store
  •   ½” Scotch Permanent Double-Sided Tape
  • Ultra-fine tipped Sharpies in 2 colors (such as black and red) (available in studio store)
  • Small bottle of acetone
  • Soldering pick, brush and tweezers (available in studio store)
  • Mechanical pencil with .5 mm lead
  • Eraser
  • Toothpicks
  • Q-tips
  • Optivisor (available in studio store)
  • Patience
  • Sense of humor

Students MAY Bring:

  • Honeycomb soldering block (at least 3” x 3”) (available in studio store)
  • Magnesia Soldering Block 6"" X 3"" X 1.5"" (available at and some jewelry supply stores)
  • Leather gloves (for holding wire while flattening)
  • Draw Tongs (for holding wire while flattening)  (available in studio store)
  • Nylon jawed pliers (for straightening wire)  (available in studio store)
  • Simple 1” to 2” hydraulic press acrylic dies (if you want to puff and solder your woven sheet after weaving—some will be available in class to use)
  • 3M ¾” Radial Bristle Discs and mandrels for flexshaft
  • 14 to 24 gauge sterling silver (NOT FINE) wire for color contrast or if you would like to work in another metal besides copper. (if you would like to work primarily in silver, please contact me about the recommended amounts of wire to bring)  (available in studio store)
  •  26-gauge sterling silver sheet if you want to work in silver ( 24 available in studio store)

Material KITS Include:

Your kit will include copper wire, the “stuff” you need to set up a simple “loom” to weave your wire and an extensive handout with instructions and weave patterns.  In addition, there will be soldering supplies available for use.  Feel free to contact Jeanie with any questions.

Instructor Bio:

Jeanie Pratt works as studio artist on the Central Coast of California.  She has been a fiber artist since learning to weave in the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 1970’s and more recently has exchanged wire for yarn as the “fiber” of choice.   Her metals education can be described as self-directed as she has sought out workshops and classes with a number of distinguished instructors.  She has exhibited nationally in galleries, museums and shows.  She currently shows at Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge, MA.  You can learn more about Jeanie on her website

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All students must fill out and electronically submit the Danaca Design COVID-19 Studio Safety Protocol and Waiver form before attending class.