Battle of the Rings 2022 CHAMPION!

After one month of grueling competition the final votes are in! Without question the people chose "As Above, So Below..." by Dana Widmer Aguilera as the Ring Smackdown 2022 Champion! Congratulations!!

Artist: Dana Widmer Aguilera, Switzerland
Materials: silver sterling
Size: 7.5
Dimensions: ca. 2" x 1" x 1"; band width is ca. 0.32" (8 mm)

Artist Statement: With this massive conceptual statement ring featuring a graveyard scene and a crypt, I set out to create an artistic interpretation of the expression "as above, so below ...", and I was determined to make something that has an element of surprise to it: a ring with a hidden compartment that could be worn on one finger when closed, and on two when opened. The true challenge here was coming up with a concealed hinge mechanism that allows the wearer to open the ring a full 180° - regular hinges only open at a much smaller angle. Eventually, I came up with this double-hinge that slides apart a little to give enough room for the two ring halves to be fully opened. The open or closed position is secured by a scythe and a bone using a simple plug-in connection. The body, as well as the coffin and the skull, were hand-carved in wax separately and then cast in silver. The hinge was hand-fabricated from silver sheet and wire. The ring is made entirely of .925 silver (sterling), weighs a whopping 125.3 grams (4.42 oz), and is a size 7 1/2 US (with a diameter of 17.5 mm). Because of its weight, this should probably be considered more of an art piece to be displayed than a ring to be worn. In case the ring is to be worn all the same, it will be most wearable if it's a tight fit. Due to the delicate nature of the hinge, the ring cannot be resized.

Artist Bio: My name is Dana Widmer Aguilera and I am a Swiss-Mexican dual national living in Zurich, Switzerland. For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with silver jewelry. And to this day, the pieces I have personally acquired in Mexico over the years are still my most prized possessions. My innate drive to create has taken me down many different paths: writing, music, photography, chain-stitching on magnificent antique machines, fashion design, enamel pins - and goldsmithing. Every single one of my heirloom-quality pieces is hand-forged from sterling silver sheet and wire, with the incorporation of precious and semi-precious stones, and elements I hand-carve from wax and then cast in silver. My creations are inspired by my Mexican heritage and things I have a profound connection to; death, coffins, skulls, and bats are some of the recurring themes in my body of work. I pour my heart and soul into every single piece I make, and I hope my vision translates for those who take an interest in my creations.

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