RSVP: Demos, Gem Show, Tool Sale, Dec 9 2023

RSVP: Demos, Gem Show, Tool Sale, Dec 9 2023

Danaca Design Gallery

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Thank you for your RSVP! Here are some things to know:

ALL the tools – except the handmade tools- are 20% off. We have a limited selection so if there’s something you plan to purchase I’d suggest buying it now!

EVERYONE who makes a tool purchase will be automatically entered into a raffle to win a KERF™ Jeweler’s Saw Blade Organizer! If you already have one, this would be an amazing gift to someone who doesn’t!

You can shop online NOW and be entered to win and save 20% using the code: 20YRS


There will be a GEM SHOW with an excellent selection of truly delicious stones from Greg Bracati. There are no special deals here…BUT there might be! And actually, he is VERY generous during our studio gem shows!


RECENTLY ADDED: Danaca Design Jewelry POP UP! That’s right, we have packed up a good chuck of the gallery to share in the studio tomorrow! This is sort of a big deal since it’s been nearly 4 YEARS since we’ve had jewelry for sale in the studio.


EVERYONE who makes a jewelry purchase of $50 or more will be automatically entered to win a porcelain earring and necklace set by gallery artist Lynn Latta! Why Lynn? Because China is the 20 year anniversary gift and China is made from porcelain, right??!!


Lastly, and probably most importantly for you, we have a WONDERFUL line up of teachers doing demos all day!

Demo Lineup:

12:00 Megan Corwin – Dealers Choice Including the Hydraulic Press

1:00 Tegan Wallace – Repurposing Silver Scrap

2:00 Juan Reyes – Fold Forming Teaser

3:00 Maru Almeida – Wax Working Tips

4:00 Andy Cooperman – whatever he wants, maybe forging!